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Farm fresh

With nearby access to Europe’s biggest Fresh apple orchards, we are able to control our quality and picking right in the initial stages itself. These orchards are nurtured with at most care without artificial growth stimulants and certainly NON-GMO.

For Products sold as 100 % “organic”, the farms which grow the fruit are by regulations ensured it is free from chemicals from the last 5 years, so the product fulfills all criteria of Organically grown.

Packing & Sorting

We have the liberty to choose and contract any kind of packing house, but only make sure to contract the packing house which are GLOBAL GAP, ISO,HACCP and EU Certified, as these parameters make a lot of difference with the standard of sorting, packing and storing of fruits, which is a great deal when it comes to customer satisfaction for quality standards.

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A timely quality delivery of products makes the customer most happy, and we are ever since, pushing our limits to achieve timely delivery of the products at the same time, making no room for errors in quality and defects.

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Straight from the farm to the retail , a very clear and well managed supply chain handled by our Professional team at LVMG.